Portfolio Management

Portfolio construction and the appropriate asset allocation mix have proven to be an important component to the success of long term investors.  Our firm spends a great deal of time explaining what exactly portfolio optimization is, and the “efficiency” of an investment plan.  We also discuss the asymmetry of returns and how investment gains often do not please us as much as investment declines concern us.  Our process includes a personal risk questionnaire and we customize an efficient investment plan using diversified, liquid investment vehicles such as mutual funds, ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds), etc.   

Our Firm strives to produce tax efficient portfolios and focus on after-tax returns, often overlooked by investors.  We provide this analysis and provide recommendations that best fit your investment profile as well as incorporating the various tax implications.

Our investment process is founded in continual research on portfolio optimization/design and we work together with you to develop a custom investment plan that integrates your personal risk assessment based on our Implementation Plan and not current market conditions, or short term anecdotes.  History has given us the best example that trying to time the market invariably leads to unsatisfactory results.