Our Process

To be successful at creating a sound financial plan, it initially takes some work.  Our view is that one must invest some time in order to find the planner who operates with a high level of integrity, competence & diligence that can best assist you.  Working with a CFP® practitioner takes the guesswork out of whether the planner is well qualified or if he or she would be free from conflict. How we work:

  • Agree on how our firm can help — This is the time for us to review our process, services, and responsibilities along with setting realistic expectations.  Careful explanation of the benefits of working with a CFP® professional will be discussed. This also is the time the client is provided the appropriate disclosures, terms of our engagement and what to expect.
  • Information gathering and goal setting — At this point we collect all relevant data and financial statements including tax returns, investment statements, insurance policy(ies), estate planning documents, etc.  We also discuss markets, risk, volatility of asset prices & examine a client’s risk comfort level with our questionnaire.
  • Analysis & evaluation of client’s financial status — We process the information gathered and begin our analysis of the client’s position and research how best to formulate a plan.
  • Develop Implementation Plan & recommendations — We identify the strategies our firm recommends and review our research, which will help you make more informed decisions.  We also discuss our Implementation Plan and how these recommendations are appropriate given the data inputs and information collected.  This important document sets the foundation for how we allocate your assets between various investment classes.
  • Implement the plan — The client and planner will discuss and affirm the planning recommendations. We encourage the coordination of this step in the process with your other professionals including CPA’s, attorneys, insurance agents, etc.
  • Monitor progress — Once the plan is in place we carefully monitor our recommendations and meet periodically with our clients to assure they are comfortable with their investment plan as well as reviewing goals and objectives in case any adjustments or additional recommendations are necessary.